Soil Moisture Testing Equipment

Soil Moisture Tester

One of the most important factors in any construction design is the correct estimation of the water content of in situ soil. Soil’s moisture at the time of construction plays a large role in its mechanical response to loading and construction activities. Excessive water content within a site’s soil leads to low strength and constructability problems. By analyzing and testing soil moisture on-site, engineers and contractors are able to limit future structural complications.

Although a site’s soil water content is tested in a laboratory setting during site investigation, oftentimes initial estimates are no longer applicable by the construction phase. Engineers must use on-site tests to ensure that the moisture content of the soil is near its optimal value when compacted.

Recently, changes in soil moisture have led to a large number of change orders for INDOT. Issues with the improper water content of in situ soil require extra time and effort from engineers and contractors. Because of this, there is a growing emphasis on ensuring that a site’s soil moisture is to the desired level throughout each phase of construction. If soil moisture is ever not to the correct level, the foundation will not be capable of sustaining its load.

Humboldt provides a variety of equipment to test soil moisture content on-site. These include:

Speedy® 2000 Moisture Tester: allows for a rapid, accurate, portable and reliable measurement of moisture content
Speedy® Tester Calibration Kit: Designed to enable an operator to check the accuracy of the Speedy® Moisture Tester
Moisture Tester Reagent: Used with the Speedy® 2000 Moisture Tester by pressurizing the vessel to detect soil moisture levels
Acidity and Moisture Tester: Measures pH and moisture content easy and on the spot in both field and lab tests

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