pH Meters


Humboldt offers a variety of pH meters and accessories as part of a complete line of soil laboratory testing equipment.

The HO-4960 pH Bench Meter with Electrode offers premium features for cost-effective and reliable pH and ORP measurements. It includes the HO-4963 3-in-1 plastic refillable pH electrode, pH Buffer Power Sachet and In-Use Cover.

The HO-4930 Portable pH Meter offers portability with precise pH measuring capabilities. An ORP or temperature electrode can also be easily connected for additional functionality. It includes the HO-4964 Plastic Gel, non-refillable electrode and a pH buffer powder sachet.

Analysis and Conductivity Pens are also offered to measure different properties of the sample. pH Buffer Solutions with 0.01 resolution are standardized against NIST-traceable pH references at 77°F (25°C).

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