Ground Penetrating Radar

for Concrete

Ground Penetrating Radar

It is often important to be able to analyze underground utilities such as concrete, asphalt, metals, cables or masonry in a non-intrusive way. Using radar pulses to image the subsurface, ground penetrating radar is used to assess the quality and uniformity of a mix while also detecting voids and cracks.

Every GPR system contains antennas that transmit and receive radio frequency waves. The waves are able to penetrate surfaces and generate visual data through return signals. The data can then be displayed, giving the operator the ability to see the size and location of objects below the surface.

Ground penetrating radar for concrete is used for two main reasons:
1. Gauging the stability and performance of concrete
2. Seeing through materials before invasive work is done

Many elements of concrete can be observed with the help of ground penetrating radar. The slabs thickness, presence of voids, and overall condition is able to be determined through detailed imaging. By means of careful non-destructive testing, the stability and safety of the concrete can be ensured.

Ground penetrating radar is also commonly used to inspect concrete without going below the surface. Structural reinforcement is able to be safely located in real time prior to drilling, cutting or coring. This eliminates costly or dangerous hits that could come from improper positioning.

Humboldt offers a complete collection of non-intrusive equipment for concrete testing. Their ground penetrating radar utilizes the newest technology to be both accurate and easy to use. These portable options revolutionize GPR concrete testing.

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